‘Brazil Land and Soul’

Exhibition Design

Exhibition design, visual identity and advertising for exhibition featuring the work of photographer João Farkas.

João Farkas is a photographer who finds inspiration in the most unlikely of places. The images he produces spring from his experiences, his mode of seeing and his effortless technical skills. His work is explored in ‘Brazil Land and Soul’, two exhibitions presented in tandem at the Brazilian Embassy in London. 

Designed by Pentagram, ‘Land’ features impressionistic photography that records the impactful beauty of the Pantanal region, an immense tropical wetlands located mainly in western Brazil's Mato Grosso do Sul state. 

While ‘Soul’ focuses on Farkas’s pictures of masked carnival caretas of Maragojipe, who are clown-like jokers and tricksters who. Following in the tradition of carnival as a place to invert normal life, caretas hide their true selves with masks and falsetto voices.

Pentagram worked closely with Farkas to develop the theme of the exhibition, creating an immersive experience that communicates the curiosity and empathy behind his work.

Made over a period of several years, Farkas’s images have the consistency of light and colour you see in a studio shoot. His empathetic photographs imbue these anonymous, clown-like faces with personality, warmth and humanity.

Pentagram also designed the marketing campaign and collateral for the exhibition, which opens November 1st, 2018.

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