Brew by Numbers

Brand Identity, Digital Design, Packaging

Brand identity for Brew By Numbers—a unique South London-based microbrewery

Pentagram has redesigned the brand identity for Brew by Numbers; a unique microbrewery in South East London.

Founded by Tom Hutchings and Dave Seymour in August 2011, Brew by Numbers are known for their high-quality and innovative craft beer. The recipe and its evolution began when splitting batches at different stages to create variations of each brew. With over 330 different recipes to date, BBNo creates beers that are setting the bar for quality, distinct taste and quirky experience under the utmost levels of care and attention.

As the name suggests, BBNo’s idea and story revolve around numbers – in fact, the entire catalogue is built around a system of numbers. Each beer is identified by a four-digit number with the first set indicating the beer style and the second set denoting the recipe.

Pentagram was asked to refine this brand identity in a way that better communicated Brew by Numbers and its very special personality.

The new concept fully embraces BBNo’s cataloguing system, using it to define the brand, making each number the hero. The team reshaped the hierarchy and pulled focus to the beer style using large typography.

This led the way in defining the new identity, emphasising numbers in a fun and playful way to help customers navigate their way through the brewery’s diverse range of products.

“Our approach is designed to make it easier for customers to recall the products,” explains Willer. “By accentuating the style of the beer over the brew numbers, the system will allow drinkers to latch on to the varieties they like, without removing the identity that makes Brew by Numbers so special.”

Pentagram also refined BBNo’s logo to maintain consistency across a number of applications and making it more balanced when stacked. Willer and her team have worked on the new identity across various channels, such as packaging, online platforms and merchandise.

In this collaboration with Pentagram, BBNo also launched two limited-edition beer labels to celebrate Pentagram’s new partners Sascha Lobe and Jon Marshall joining last summer.

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