Interiors & Architecture

Interior design for exclusive customer branch interiors worldwide for Citibank.

In 1998, consumer and commercial bank Citicorp and financial services company Travelers Group merged into the new Citigroup, creating the largest financial company in the world. Pentagram was commissioned to design a brand for Citibank, the group’s consumer division. The new identity uses elements from each of its previous identities, developing a brand that resonates with consumers new and old. In the years since, Pentagram has completed brand strategy and naming principles; design guidelines for branch signage, interiors and ATMs; interactive elements like ATM interfaces and webpages; and customer materials like banking cards, account statements, checks, deposit envelopes and promotional brochures.

One of Pentagram’s largest undertakings were the Citibank interiors. The designers used the visual language and colors from the identity to develop various interiors for a number of environments including Citibank “Blue”, general consumer banking outlet, and Citigold, a more luxurious “affluent customer” outlet.

New York
Lorenzo Apicella
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