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Brand Identity

Brand identity for the global investment firm.

Coller Capital is an independent global investment firm specialising in secondary private markets. These transactions (known as ‘Secondaries’), happen when an investor buys an existing asset from a primary private equity fund investor. Founded in 1990 by Jeremy Coller, the firm has offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul and Luxembourg, and partners with both institutional and individual investors.

Over the years Coller Capital earned the trust and recognition of long-term partners around the world for its collaborative approach to responsible investing. As the firm moves towards extending its relationships, going from a limited number of financial experts to a large number of private investors, it needs to ensure that it portrays the same core values when communicating to its new audience.   

With both the business and the secondaries industry going through significant changes, Coller Capital felt that its brand wasn’t working as hard as it needed to, as it was no longer reflective of who it now was. Pentagram was invited to create a new visual identity that was more human and approachable, and would help the investment firm communicate with both financial advisers and end clients. The new identity needed to retain the firm’s pioneering spirit while still emphasising its human approach. In response to this, the team created a tagline ‘First in Secondaries’ to project Coller Capital’s pioneering legacy, capture its future ambition and communicate ownership with the Secondaries market.

Pentagram created the tone of voice, messaging, logo, typefaces, colour palette, photography, icons and a suite of templates, as well a comprehensive set of brand guidelines, office signage, social media avatars, banners and posts, annual, biannual and quarterly publications, endslate animations for presentations and talks, event invitations and marketing, town hall backgrounds, stationery, and merch including a T-shirt, umbrella, notebook and tote bags.

Drawing on the mathematical and technical nature of the financial sector, the design team turned to the golden ratio, a proportion associated with the Fibonacci sequence, which is a series of numbers wherein each number is added to the last. The wordmark was created using a binary, modular system using perfect circles and straight lines. This precise, systematic approach reflects the methodological working that is the driving force behind much of the business. The graphic elements are also derived from the golden ratio, creating four identifiable crops that can be applied across digital and print applications. 

The colour palette, graphic devices and art direction come together to create a visual identity that is highly recognisable and unique in the sector. Pentagram worked closely with Coller Capital on the art direction, this features architectural images that reflect the geometry of the identity, as well as people-centric photography that highlights the team and community aspect at the core of Coller Capital’s business. 

Pentagram has created an identity for Coller Capital that is modern, approachable and confident, and clearly differentiates it from its competitors. Coller Capital largely built the Secondary Investment category from scratch over 30 years ago, and the new identity reflects both its passion and its pioneering spirit, while also reassuring investors of its responsible and inclusive approach to their investments.

Angus Hyland
Project team
Mariona Alegre
Karolina Alvekrans
Jack Brown
Eoghan McMahon
Daniela Perez
Charlotte Selby
Alex Wright
Opening Line (tone of voice)
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