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Visual identity for a new high-end sushi restaurant in West London’s landmark Television Centre

Endo Kazutoshi is a third-generation sushi master who has worked with world-renowned chefs in Tokyo, Madrid, Bilbao, Hong Kong, New York and London. He has now realised a lifelong dream to open a restaurant in his own image and Pentagram was asked to create the brand identity.

The 16-seat restaurant is located at the top of the Helios building in White City’s new Television Centre, where guests are treated to a unique combination of spectacular culinary performance in an intimate environment and the simple elegance and pleasure of traditional sushi.

Award-winning architects Kengo Kuma designed the interior with an emphasis on natural materials, especially in the extraordinary wave-shaped wooden counter at the heart of the space. It was critical that the brand reflected the style and tone of the restaurant’s concept and environment.

Pentagram stripped away all but the most basic elements from the four letters of the word “Endo” to create a logotype that’s as simple and elegant as the sushi served at the restaurant. This minimal design also works well when embossed to give business cards and menus a premium feel. The head chef’s initials form a similarly simple monogram for use on matchbooks, stamps and cloakroom discs.

One of the most eye-catching aspects of the interior is a cloud of soft fabrics resembling Japanese washi – the paper traditionally used for origami – that fills the restaurant’s high ceilings. Pentagram created a series of pattern-based illustrations inspired by this cloud, which feature on Endo’s menus and coasters.

After visiting Endo, renowned critic Giles Coren said it was “the most perfect meal I have eaten in a restaurant in more than 20 years”. Already fully booked for months in advance, Endo is set to be one of London’s most in-demand culinary experiences for years to come.

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