Find Your Voice

Brand Identity

A new identity for a charity that brings people together through the power of singing.

Founded in 2011 by Emma Baines, Find Your Voice creates singing programmes for the most vulnerable people living in marginalised communities, empowering people and helping them deal with challenging health conditions. 

By involving each person in a way that is comfortable and achievable for them, the programmes are designed to empower and connect individuals back into their communities, so they feel less isolated.

The benefits of singing on our health and well-being have been well-documented, but as well as the benefits on an individual level, singing can also bring benefits to the community as a whole. 

The programmes are accessible to every learner in every part of society, meaning that everyone can join in, regardless of their age or mobility.

Emma herself found relief in singing, which led her to create the first group singing for people going through similar challenges and the idea grew from there. From a pilot programme with eight people, Find Your Voice has grown through word-of-mouth into an organisation that has reached nearly four and a half thousand individuals working across six regions of the UK. Even though it has grown in size, the goal has always remained the same—to connect communities by singing and music. 

As it looks to the future, Find Your Voice asked Pentagram to create a fresh new brand identity to help the charity communicate its work to as many people as possible. The design team created a visual identity which would express the charity's unique personality celebrating the individualism of each participant. 

The new logo is confident and active, with colour and shapes used to represent the many voices and people that make up Find Your Voice. The bold uppercase type inspires action and fearless creative output and the set of interchangeable shapes and colours are used to represent the diversity in people, skills and voices that Find Your Voice works with. The playful shapes represent the community and reflect a space where everyone can find their own voice.

The vibrant colour palette brings the identity to life, reflecting the exuberance and character of the Find Your Voice brand. Robert Slimbach’s Acumin, a neo-grotesque sans serif typeface which invokes action and confidence is used across the visual identity. Acumin Pro, Extra Condensed Bold is used for titles and messaging, with Semibold for body text. 

Photography is natural and unstaged, showing real people in real environments and capturing the energy and community spirit of Find Your Voice, with an added filter that in combination with the colour palette and graphic elements makes the identity confident and memorable.

Messaging used across all of Find Your Voice’s communications is inviting and inspiring, using an engaging tone of voice that resonates with the sense of community the charity provides for all of its participants. 

The different programmes offered by Find Your Voice are inspired by well-known song titles such as ’Come Together’ and ‘We are Family’, and people are encouraged to ‘Sing your way’ and ‘Sing with us’ in campaigns and communications. The team also designed a range of colourful stickers and merchandise that helps spread the word about Find Your Voice and the benefits that coming together and singing can bring.

Pentagram has designed a joyful identity for Find Your Voice which perfectly encapsulates its mission to get people from all backgrounds ‘seen, heard and achieving’ through the joy of singing, empowering individuals and bringing communities together.

Find Your Voice
Brand Identity
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