Brand Identity

Brand identity for an end-to-end digital transformation partner.

Pentagram has worked closely with Getronics to develop a new visual identity that positions the business as a groundbreaking brand in the world of Information Technology.

Getronics’s unique offer is to help customers by delivering technology solutions that drive superior business outcomes across the entire digital fabric. This happens both on and off-site, from smart workspaces and on-site support, to cloud services, security and compliance.

The concept of end-to-end transformation flows throughout the brand identity. The Getronics wordmark is at the centre of the new identity and stands out from its competitors by its simplicity and bold use of neon green. Formed of a geometric sans-serif typeface, the wordmark features a double-storey letter ‘g’, which is crafted from two linked circular forms (identical to the letter ‘o’), echoing the close relationship with the client, and reinforcing the strapline ‘Better Together’. 

The concept of a ‘digital fabric’ in which the different business elements are woven seamlessly together is also a key part of the new visual identity. The design team created various ‘digital fabrics’ using a set of abstract visualisations based on the idea of network, connectivity and orchestration at the core of Getronics’s offer. The digital fabrics perfectly represent the underlying complexity and outer simplicity of the work that Getronics carries out for its clients. 

The primary typeface chosen was Font Font’s modern geometric FF Mark Pro, with Pieter van Rosmalen’s monospaced Nitti used as the secondary typeface throughout. For display purposes, key statements are emphasised with graphic elements taken from the shapes within the Getronics logotype—these can be used in the same way as em rules and full stops. These are also used to create a unique ‘dot and dash’ pattern with two variations (horizontal and vertical), which can be coloured and scaled up and down to create many different effects for different applications. 

The team also created a set of playful icons informed by the shapes in the logotype—these help reflect Getronics’s broad offer and brand personality. These can be used in neon green on light backgrounds and in a pale version of the Getronics orange with neon green highlights on dark backgrounds. 

 Stepping away from the bright blue-based colour palette traditionally favoured by the IT industry, Getronics’s new colour palette has been refined to a bold and streamlined set of core colours. Neon green is the primary colour supported by a set of cool greys, with a pale orange and a teal blue as secondary shades. Natural-looking photography is used throughout, emphasising the people at the heart of the business and highlighting the connections made between them.

Designed to work across all of the necessary and off-line applications from the website to business cards and signage, the new brand identity also appears across a range of attractive non-corporate merchandise, including notebooks and tote bags.

The new brand identity created by Pentagram perfectly matches Getronics’s forward-thinking approach to digital transformation, helping both current and future customers feel confident in its comprehensive business offer.

Brand Identity
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