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Brand Identity

Brand identity for Europe's leading venture capital firm.

For almost twenty years, Index Ventures has been helping to shape how we see and interact with the world. As Europe’s leading venture capital firm, they have collaborated with iconic digital companies like ASOS, Dropbox, Skype and Soundcloud. To reflect their unique approach to investment, Pentagram has created a new identity and website for the firm.

Following an in-depth examination of the firm’s culture, model, and practice it became apparent that Index Ventures is governed by a desire to enable rather than control. This philosophy is evident in the type of relationships they have with their investment companies, distinguishing them from other venture capital firms.

The new identity conveys Index Ventures’ understated approach and distinct character. A striking, graphic symbol has been introduced that reflects the firm’s strong, single-minded culture and style. The ‘hand’ serves as a visual metaphor of Index Ventures’ qualities - subtle, supportive, and sensitive, but also inspiring, vital and versatile. The ‘hand’ is also playful, referencing our most technologically active body part and the firm’s connection to the consumer world. The ‘hand’ symbol has been integrated across Index Ventures’ touchpoints.

Red and monochrome colour palettes and typefaces, as well as asymmetrical layouts reflect the firm’s familial heritage and Swiss background.

The firm’s new website uses mobile responsive design and clearly demonstrates Index Ventures' character and approach. Aside from potential investors and start-ups seeking investment, the website is built for the 140 companies already in Index Ventures’ portfolio. It forms a hub for this community to gather and grow.

John Rushworth
Eddie Opara
Daniel Weil
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Brankica Harvey
Joe Stephenson
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