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Book Design

A printed publication showcasing deZaan’s range of high-end cocoa products.

Pentagram has a long-standing relationship with ofi (Olam Food Ingredients, formerly Olam) and has worked on the ofi Cocoa Compass Impact Report as well as the brand identity for deZaan, ofi’s premium range of cocoa powders.

The team at Pentagram was approached by ofi to create a cocoa handbook to showcase deZaan’s selection of cocoa powders highlighting the benefits and features of each type, and showcasing delicious recipes and tips alongside beautiful photography and illustrations. It was important that the handbook would appeal to appeal to both chefs and artisans. 

Referencing the Dutch heritage of deZaan’s chocolate, its primary typeface Neutrif Pro was paired with Recife by Luzi Type. Although modelled on antique fonts, Recife is a modern and elegant typeface, and perfectly reflects the fine dining sector where deZaan’s products can regularly be found. The colours used throughout the handbook are based on the deZaan colour palette of deep blue and copper. For the illustrations, the team drew upon the extended colour palettes of the deZaan cocoa small packs.

Pentagram provided art direction for the recipe photoshoot, which aimed to highlight the sophistication and precision of deZaan cocoa, as well as the variety of colour achieved with cocoa powder. 

The team also worked with illustrator Amy Grimes to create a set of bespoke illustrations that add colour and vibrancy to the handbook. These give the book a contemporary and playful look, and visualise the highly technical cooking methods in an accessible and engaging way. 

To add to the handbook’s premium feel, the front and back covers have a cocoa bean-shaped embossing alongside the title which appears in gold foil.

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Angus Hyland
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