Landmark: A Year of Wisdom


Renaming and re-branding a four-part interconnected luxury shopping destination in the heart of Hong Kong and unifying all of its 2017 offerings around one central message of wisdom.

Landmark is a luxury shopping destination which curates 208 stores and restaurants across four interconnected buildings in the very heart of Hong Kong. Pentagram’s relationship with Landmark began in 2012, when property investment, management and development group Hongkong Land decided to rename and rebrand the four buildings - which were informally known as ‘Central' - to differentiate them from other luxury malls in the Central area. Pentagram designed an identity that unified the previously disparate buildings as well as creating a promotional language and campaign that showcased the cumulative luxury within the four buildings that went by one name, Landmark.

Five years later, with the rename firmly understood by Hong Kong and Asia’s luxury’s shoppers, Hongkong Land approached Pentagram to create a bold new communications approach to re-establish leadership in the Asian luxury market. Working in close collaboration with Hongkong Land, Pentagram proposed that Landmark unify all its 2017 events and campaigns around one encompassing and aspirational idea - wisdom. With so much wisdom stitched into the style that Landmark sells, the food that Landmark serves, the service that Landmark offers and in knowledge and taste of the customers who visit Landmark, the theme felt both sharp enough for Landmark and broad enough to encompass its many dimensions.

To launch A Year of Wisdom, Pentagram created a print campaign that shares pieces of genuine wisdom, each beginning with “Wisdom is…” The line "Wisdom is finding joy by bringing joy to others” accompanies a portrait of an eager flower seller at Landmark. The line “Wisdom is knowing that tradition is only a suggestion” accompanies a Landmark customer dressed in boldly patterned suit and unusually knotted tie.

To create imagery worthy of the idea, Pentagram commissioned the renowned New York-based photographer Pamela Hanson, whose stylish and wonderfully human imagery has graced brands such as Armani and L’Oreal in publications like Vanity Fair and Vogue for more than two decades. Hanson searched for genuine moments with real Landmark customers, chefs and florists to create a beautifully composed and totally natural set of images for her first ever Hong Kong-based campaign.

A Year of Wisdom launched in the first week of January 2017 and the campaign could be seen in print, billboards, digital banners and social media in Hong Kong and China for the entire year.

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