London Design Festival 2016

Brand Identity

Taking inspiration from Eames' belief that design is in the details, Pentagram produced its tenth identity for the London Design Festival.

The London Design Festival is an annual event that celebrates London as a world design capital. Taking place in September, the festival is made up of over 400 events and exhibitions hosted throughout the city.

For the tenth consecutive year, Pentagram has created the visual identity and promotional materials for the festival. As with previous London Design Festival identities, a restricted colour palette of red and white is used.

This year’s identity is inspired by Eames’ belief that the details make the design. The London Design Festival’s title is used as the basis of the graphic solution and has been zoomed into at several points. This focus on the minutiae reveals the negative spaces and elegant swashes of the characters themselves.

Large scale type is cropped to reveal powerful positive and negative shapes in the individual letterforms. The result is unmistakably ‘London Design Festival’ but introduces an element that is engaging and playful as well as being classic and modern.

Domenic Lippa
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