Brand Identity

Brand refresh for the world’s largest provider of technical indicators for financial markets.

LuxAlgo provides free and paid-for plug-in tools for financial charts that allow users of TradingView to see detailed information and get valuable insights on their investments. Its name is derived from ‘Lux’ meaning light and ‘Algo’ from algorithm, coming together to bring clarity to complex information.

Through its free indicators, exclusive tools, and online community, LuxAlgo’s mission is to give clarity to traders and investors, while demystifying markets and sharing its knowledge as developers and traders. It open-sources 95% of what it does, providing hundreds of indicators, free for anyone to use and improve, while saving the best for its subscribers.

Until LuxAlgo, there had never been a brand that represented the world of trading indicators besides the platforms themselves—it was a space that was purely occupied by chancers who were misleading potential users by promising their tools as an easy way to get rich quick. By focusing on trust, honesty and transparency, LuxAlgo has become the leading standard for investors.  

Despite being imitated by its competitors, LuxAlgo’s brand identity didn’t reflect its success as a business and fell into some familiar cliches. Pentagram was asked to refresh the brand while retaining the core symbol, highlighting the idea of light, illumination and clarity of information. The driving force behind the refresh was to enable LuxAlgo to appeal to a wider audience and, as the world of online asset trading continues to mature, continue to grow from an ambitious start-up into an established industry player. 

Reputation and authenticity are important in a market filled with companies selling misleading promises and empty claims. The brand refresh needed to step above this and allow LuxAlgo to build on its reputation for clear and insightful tools in a fresh and simple way, making the brand as memorable as possible, and helping it stand out from copycats in the marketplace. 

The brand idea of ‘Markets, Illuminated’ informed the visual approach for the brand refresh. Inspired by the symbol becoming a prism that refracts light and opens up new horizons for users, a supporting series of gradients and colour palettes help unify the brand across all touchpoints and marketing channels.

Pentagram refreshed the symbol, updated the logo, and created a series of visual assets including gradients and imagery inspired by the concept of illumination and light. The strength and recognition of the existing symbol was a key asset in the brand and something that was important to carry through into the refreshed identity. While the design team redrew it slightly, the core symbol remains the same, bridging the gap between the old and new brands and retaining the brand equity that was built over time. Pentagram also created the tone of voice, tagline and key messaging for LuxAlgo, as well as its social assets, a logo reveal animation, and a set of brand guidelines.

Pentagram has helped LuxAlgo mature its branding, distinguishing it from its competitors and enabling it to appeal to a wider audience, while reinforcing the idea of light and clarity across all of its touchpoints.

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Brand Identity
Angus Hyland
Project team
Karolina Alvekrans
Jack Brown
Eoghan McMahon
Daniela Perez
Charlotte Selby
Opening Line (verbal identity)
Mara Ungurean (3D visuals)
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