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A new app made from movies that allows users to create and share customised video messages.

Yuri Suzuki has collaborated with curated film streaming service MUBI to create MUBI REMIX, a new app that allows users to create and share customised video messages made from movies.

“This project initially came about as a creative idea with MUBI but led on to a very curious outcome. Since the pandemic, the importance of telecommunication has increased for everyone, but people are increasingly tired of dry text messaging and video conferencing,” Yuri explains.

Yuri and team came up with the idea to create a uniquely playful way to contact friends, family and fellow film fans. Users of MUBI REMIX can create bespoke messages composed of fragments taken from numerous films from across the MUBI catalogue. Users simply type in a message, choose a music genre, and then watch as it's brought to life in a video that can be shared as a link or on social media. Content created by other users can also be watched on the REMIX feed in the app. 

Yuri and team worked closely with Counterpoint Studio to create this unique and novel approach to sending digital messages. “The idea of extracting millions of words from movies we love, and turning them into music, grabbed us right away,” the Counterpoint team explained. “We were also excited by the scale of the technical challenge, dealing with such an enormous quantity and variety of content. Given the practically infinite combinations that can be generated, we're curious to see what it will be used to create.”

MUBI REMIX demonstrates MUBI's rich content in a unique way, at the same time creating a fun, witty and charming way to communicate with friends and loved ones.

Digital Design
Sound Design
Yuri Suzuki
Project team
Gabriel Vergara II
Marisol Ambriz
Maxwell Sterling
Jake Richardson
Zuleika Sedgley
Robyn Siân Cusworth
Naresh Ramchandani (strategy)
Counterpoint (audio prototyping)
Mori Inc.
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