Film & Motion Graphics

“Newtok” is a new documentary about a Yup’ik village on the western outskirts of Alaska being displaced by climate change. The film follows the community over a period of five years as they weigh the prospect of relocating and abandoning their traditional lands.

Pentagram worked with directors Michael Kirby Smith and Andrew Burton to develop the title sequence––a simple and subtle animation of dissolving letterforms symbolizing the coastal erosion, a consequence of rising temperatures. The title metaphorically melts over footage of a young boy whose intense joyful dance is at odds with the impending dislocation of his family and friends. The typography is set in a customized version of Yport (from Luzi Type).

The film will have its world premiere at Doc NYC in November 2021 and is available to stream online.

New York
Luke Hayman
Project team
Liam Hamill
Andrew Burton and Michael Kirby Smith, directors and directors of photography
William Ryan Fritch, composer
Davis Coombe, editor
Colin Archdeacon, Keenan Newman, Samantha Andre, Nora Ballard, Nick Kraus and Ani Yazid, cinematographers
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