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Brand identity for the leading enterprise talent optimisation platform with a human touch.

SeekOut helps companies quickly and efficiently hire, grow, and retain talent, while focusing on diversity, technical expertise, and other hard-to-find skillsets.

An industry leader in Talent Intelligence Software, SeekOut’s AI-powered talent search engine can help recruiters of all skill levels quickly find and hire the most qualified candidates. It has access to candidates outside of the traditional job search sites, and its anti-bias search feature—which enables recruiters to search without any gender or age bias—can play an important part in finding diverse candidates for a position. It can also find candidates who already have security clearance for mission-critical defence, aerospace, government and intelligence roles.

The global pandemic has made people reassess what really matters in life, to consider whether they're happy and fulfilled, and make big decisions on what they want to do with their working lives. This has led to the 'The Great Resignation' and 'The Great Reshuffle', with employees quitting for more flexibility or benefits, or changing career paths altogether. 

Companies are now facing a ’Talent War' which is fuelled by competitive job offers and driven by higher expectations from the talent they are looking for. SeekOut approached Pentagram to create a brand which would appeal to businesses and the talent seekers within them. Although the platform is powered by cutting-edge technology, the new brand identity needed to feel deeply human-centric and display empathy, warmth and emotional intelligence.

Pentagram’s challenge was to communicate complex and abstract themes (such as talent retention or AI hiring) without falling into the established vernacular of nodes or data, and instead applying a more humanistic approach. Another consideration when developing the brand was to ensure that the visual identity could flex to accommodate new products and services as the company continues to grow.

The SeekOut logo uses chevrons to contain the word ‘out’ which is a subtle nod to coding language. The brackets create a flexible space in which the brand can extend beyond SeekOut and into specific product brands and offers. A shorthand version with only the letter ‘S’ and chevron is used to create the symbol when space is limited such as social media icons or favicon.

Colour is used to differentiate the name and help readability and plays a key role in creating a warm, welcoming style. The diverse colour palette stretches across all applications while giving flexibility to both the product itself and marketing materials. 

Typography is clean, modern and friendly with GT Alpina used for headings, with Google font DM Sans chosen for body copy to allow for consistency across all applications. A library of bespoke SeekOut icons was developed, these are used across SeekOut’s products and marketing communications to help visualise more technical, specific things at smaller scales where illustration or photography would become illegible.

Photography is warm, human-centric and showcases the diversity and personalities of the people at the heart of SeekOut’s products. Photography is used across all channels to add depth and narrative to its communications.

A set of illustrations was also commissioned—these use the SeekOut colour palette and appear across SeekOut’s on and offline communications, reinforcing SeekOut’s key messages and adding a playful element to the brand language. These represent a bold, friendly and eye-catching way of communicating complex ideas in a way that photography, data visualizations and iconography cannot.

With diversity and inclusion high on the talent-seeking agenda, and more competition than ever before for the best candidates, Pentagram has designed a distinctive but accessible visual identity for SeekOut, which will appeal to anyone committed to finding the best person for the job, whatever their gender, age or background.

Angus Hyland
Project team
Karolina Alvekrans
Jack Brown
Eoghan McMahon
Alice Murray
Yorgos Panagopoulos
Daniela Perez
Charlotte Selby
Alizee Taimiot
DotDoc (artworking)
Curtis & Co (UX / UI)
Justan Peterson (illustration)
Roger Taylor (artworking)
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