Brand Identity, Interiors & Architecture

A visual identity for a new collection of lifestyle objects.

SoShiro is a collection of furniture and accessories created, designed, and curated by Interni Design Studio.

In their own words, SoShiro explores the world for human heritage and artistry as a rich source of inspiration, bringing this artistry to life through contemporary lifestyle objects.

SoShiro celebrates skills, traditions and craftsmanship from different cultures through collections of furniture and accessories; drawing from a wide spectrum of artistic disciplines and a diverse network of collaborations with emerging and established artists and artisans. The pieces are functional works of art that tell stories – bringing to life the heritage and spirit of cultural artistic endeavours.

As an approach to design, So Shiro creates exceptional structures that incorporate contributions from a diverse collection of artists from many parts of the world. The outcome is accessory, furniture or lifestyle objects that tell a story which combines culture and heritage.

To express SoShiro's approach, Pentagram designed a logo and typographical language framework which can appear placed on imagery or coloured backgrounds. In a functional and poetic way, this approach summarises the client's philosophy and vision.

This typographic language expands to create a system that names each collection. Memorable as well as functional, it is a modern and unique typographic language. The colours and imagery that support the photography of SoShiro’s collection is both rooted and sophisticated. Earthy colours are accompanied by a vibrant lime green, which brings energy and punctuation to the overall elegant palette.

Marina Willer
Project team
Marta Gaspar
Hamlet Auyeung
Ana Lapa
Kate Blewett
Jenni Kaunisto
Mel Duarte (photography)
Neal Fletcher (web development)
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