‘The Tenne Principles of Designe’

Editorial Design

Our 2023 Holiday greeting uses AI to pay an affectionate homage to Dieter Rams’ much-quoted manifesto.

Pioneering German industrial designer Dieter Rams is perhaps most closely associated with the consumer electronics company Braun (where he was chief designer from 1961 to 1995), and the furniture company Vitsoe.

His minimalist approach and belief in the idea of “less, but better” has been hugely influential. His work continues to have a great impact, inspiring designers to create products that effortlessly marry form with function. He has always designed with people in mind, and is quoted as stating “indifference towards people and the reality in which they live is actually the one and only cardinal sin in design”.

Inspired by a post by designer Bruno Café featuring an AI-created image of Rams dressed as the Pope alongside a ChatGBT reworking of his legendary ‘Ten Commandments’, for its latest Holiday Card, Pentagram reimagined these using the florid language of Ancient Archaic English and the maximalist design of the King James Bible.

The card was printed by Gavin Martin Associates and features a colour tip-in with the portrait of ‘Pope’ Rams and his original ‘Ten Principles for Good Design’. It also features a dedication (combined with a heartfelt apology), from Pentagram assuring Rams that no matter how elaborate the language or ornate the form, the clarity of his message will endure forever.

Editorial Design
Angus Hyland
Project team
Daniela Perez
Alex Wright
Daren Howells
Bruno Café
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