‘The Unfettered Gaze of the Rasch Brothers’

Exhibition Design

Printed materials for an exhibition at the MARTa Herford about Bodo and Heinz Rasch - a pair of significant but lesser known masters of modernist architecture.

Justus Oehler and his team have created printed materials for The Unfettered Gaze – The Rasch Brothers and Their Influence on Modern Architecture. The exhibition centres on Bodo and Heinz Rasch, the most influential masters of modernist architecture that you’ve never heard of.

Ninety years after their heyday in the 1920’s the exhibition introduces the brothers to a new generation. One of Bodo and Heinz Rasch’s biggest impacts was their use of suspended building constructions, which deeply influenced container architecture. They were also proponents of the ‘New Building Movement’ and took a keen interest in graphics and typography, as well as furniture and interior design.

The full possibilities of the Rasch Brother’s visions came to be released in the post-war period. Here, their use of suspended building constructions, pneumatic building shells, and their development of the cantilever chair can be seen in European, American and Japanese architecture.

Oehler and team have created a 240-page catalogue, a poster, leaflets, invitations and banners for the exhibition.

“Because of the long title of the exhibition we decided to use the brothers’ names as the main visual feature on the cover as rasch rasch, which in German means quick quick,” says Oehler. “With this bold typographic design—the typeface used is Renner’s Futura Display—we created a strong visual impact. The colour magenta was chosen for reasons of contrast plus it is one of the corporate colours used by the museum Marta Herford.”

Read more about the exhibition here.

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‘The Unfettered Gaze of the Rasch Brothers’
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