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Brand strategy, name, visual identity, narrative and taglines for a new restaurant concept offering healthy fast casual food in Paris and other cities across Europe.

Pentagram was approached by the founders of a new restaurant to develop a brand strategy, name, visual identity and narrative that would appeal to busy young professionals in Paris.

The restaurant’s concept is to offer fast, casual food based on Peruvian and other Latin American flavours in a stylish location as both a healthy lunchtime option and social evening experience.

Though the French capital has an extremely competitive culinary scene, there is a gap in the market between the familiar fast food chains and the city’s more formal restaurants. This new challenger needed a strong name and brand identity to make that niche it's own.

After conducting competitive research and a naming workshop, Pentagram developed a name inspired by ceviche, the famously healthy Peruvian fish dish that is one of the restaurant’s key menu items. The fish is marinated in a lime-based liquid known as “leche de tigre”. Translating this Spanish phrase into English as Tigermilk gives the brand a bold and distinct name that references the food’s heritage while also appealing to a wide audience.

With the name in place, Pentagram then created a contemporary and playful logotype. Placing an overscore on the M in Tigermilk produced a negative-space T and formed the TM brand monogram for use on menus, coasters, clothing and social media.

As well as developing other aspects of Tigermilk’s visual identity like colour palettes and typeface, Pentagram created a series of illustrations that combine the magic realism of Latin American literature with the surrealist art of early 20th century Paris. Using these etchings on its menus, interiors and social media give the brand an eye-catchingly unique presence.

With a visual brand designed to attract the attention of its target audience, Pentagram then developed Tigermilk’s brand personality, narrative and tagline that expands and explains the restaurant’s core concept.

After opening its doors and receiving positive reviews from critics and customers, the restaurant now plans to roll out the Tigermilk brand beyond Paris to other European cities. 

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