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Brand identity for a new wireless provider that offers affordable phone service in an app.

Visible is a new wireless provider that aims to make phone service as simple and affordable as possible. Everything is handled through the Visible app, including billing and customer service. Pentagram designed a bold and distinctive brand identity for Visible that helps it stand out in a crowded category and speak to its target consumers, millennials.

Wireless is one of the most competitive markets, largely driven by deals. Visible offers one simple plan of $40 that covers unlimited calls, text and data in the U.S., without contracts. The company wanted to set itself apart from large carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, as well as competition from small brands like Mint Mobile and Cricket Wireless. (Visible is backed by Verizon and uses the company’s LTE network.)

We live in a smartphone-mediated world where texting is a prime means of communication, and through the use of emoticons and emojis, alphabets and pictures are increasingly one and the same. The Visible brand identity embraces this unique yet familiar vernacular—one that millennials are especially fluent in—to create a graphic language that feels fresh, open and engaging.

The visual language is established with the logotype, set in the friendly geometric sans Futura Heavy. The stems of the “i”s at the center of the wordmark are invisible, a typographic play on the name, leaving only the twin dots to make a face. The dots create a generative space where different icons can live—the face can smile, frown, laugh, wink and grin, and form playful graphic patterns. The branding uses a singular color, the vibrant and optimistic International Klein Blue, to set Visible apart from other brands in the category.

Brand Identity
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