Yuri Suzuki's new sound identity for OTOMOTO

Preview — Apr 15, 2019

Pentagram has created a new sound identity for venture lifestyle brand OTOMOTO

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Pentgram’s Yuri Suzuki has created an engaging and dynamic sound identity for the lifestyle venture brand OTOMOTO, founded by the artist Ryan Gander and creative director Tony Chambers.

OTOMOTO is inspired by the compact and space-saving kitchen units often seen in Japan. The brand's first product - a kitchen sink consisting of full-length sink made from Cosentino’s Silestone material, atop a utilitarian timber frame is currently on show at Milan Design Week with other products set to launch from 2020.

Beginning with the OTOMOTO’s visual identity and the unique compositions of their promotional videos, Suzuki wanted to create a sound identity which reflected the movement and strength of the type logo as well as the inspirations behind OTOMOTO's design philosophy of thoughtful simplicity.

Pentagram carefully took field recordings from a wood workshop and Gagaku recordings. These elements create a rhythm and percussive nature when placed together, producing a cohesive sonic palette that evokes Japanese craftsmanship.

OTOMOTO’s identity has 4 different promotional videos with unique compositions, giving the listener a varied experience within a familiar soundscape. The overall effect expresses movement and excitement without causing listener fatigue.

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Yuri Suzuki's new sound identity for OTOMOTO
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