21st Century Fox

Brand Identity, Film & Motion Graphics, Naming

Logo and motion graphics for the media and entertainment company.

The searchlights of Twentieth Century Fox are among the most recognized icons in the world. Pentagram has drawn on this rich heritage and Fox’s contemporary innovations in media to create the logo and develop the name for 21st Century Fox. The new media and entertainment company will be established following the proposed separation of News Corporation into two companies. 21st Century Fox will serve as the umbrella company for Twentieth Century Fox and the rest of the group's entertainment and media properties, all of which will retain their existing well-known names and logos.

The designers worked closely with the 21st Century Fox team on the development of the identity, which is designed to honor the creative legacy of Twentieth Century Fox and celebrate the company’s vital future. The name and symbol distill the elements of Fox’s familiar searchlights-and-monument logo into a dynamic new identity. The 21st Century Fox logo features a pair of sweeping searchlights that suggest entertainment, broadcasting and limitless possibilities within a circle shape inspired by a lens. Iconic and distinctive, the symbol is accompanied by a wordmark set in strong, stacked lettering that is derived from the typographic pedestal of the Twentieth Century Fox logo and Fox Broadcasting’s wordmark.

The new name is inspired by Twentieth Century Fox, the legendary film studio that News Corporation acquired in 1984 in its first foray into entertainment. The new name draws upon the rich creative heritage of Twentieth Century Fox, while also speaking to the innovation and dynamism that will define each of the group’s businesses through the 21st Century.

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