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A friendly brand identity introduces the world’s most comfortable duvet.

Light as a cloud, temperature-regulating and vegan-friendly, Buffy is the world’s most comfortable––and kindest––duvet. Pentagram developed brand identity, positioning, messaging and packaging for the new product that highlights its incredible softness and innovative technology, and that when it comes to comforters, nothing is as fluffy as Buffy.

Buffy is revolutionary in its category. Uniquely constructed for maximum loft and lightness, it is made of naturally sourced eucalyptus and volcanic materials, rather than goose down, making it cruelty free, hypoallergenic and temperature adjusting––the mineral-infused microfiber “breathes” out extra heat and moisture. Buffy needed branding that would communicate these advancements and most importantly, relate how the duvet feels. Visually, a comforter is not the most interesting object, and the challenge for the designers was creating a graphic personality that captures the Buffy experience.

The brand positioning sets Buffy apart from other high-quality bedding, which is typically marketed as a luxury item or lifestyle accessory. Buffy is designed for everyone, utilitarian in its usability and simplicity. The branding has a straightforward, approachable tone of voice that is smart, fun and whimsical. The positioning focuses on the “magical comfort” of the duvet and its ability to swiftly transport users to sleep. Messaging appeals to the senses, likening Buffy to an impossibly soft cloud, and details the performative aspects without getting too technical, with easy-to-understand descriptions of the unfamiliar materials and technology.

Buffy’s playful personality is expressed in the graphic identity, which is warm, outgoing and modern. The Buffy wordmark is set in customized letterforms based on the friendly, voluminous Cooper Black, with round letters that suggest the softness of the duvet. This is complemented by charming line-drawings of characters, including the comforter itself, that the designers have dubbed “the Fluffies.” The simple illustrations are as evocative as photographs of the actual comforter and help create a world around the product. The drawings are used in tandem with photography––and sometimes interact with it––to create an imaginative, dream-like place that is distinctly Buffy.

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Natasha Jen
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