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Brand identity and website for an artificial intelligence company specialising in risk.

Cytora is a London-based artificial intelligence company that is powering a new way for the insurance industry to price risk.

The Cytora Risk Engine uses artificial intelligence to learn the patterns of good and bad risks over time, enabling insurers to price risk more accurately while delivering fairer prices and a frictionless buying experience to their customers.

Working closely with the Cytora leadership team, Pentagram created a brand identity and website that communicates the sophistication of Cytora’s offering, while simultaneously demystifying its technology.

The Cytora Risk Engine moves away from the static data-capture of traditional insurance operators and instead processes thousands of unique data inputs to compute a real-time risk profile for every insurable business and property. Pentagram created a brand language that succinctly translates this innovative process, using a series of dynamic block-shapes to visually represent the fluidity – and sheer-volume – of the data that goes into creating each risk profile.

The ever-evolving patterns and colours of each block-shape animate in tandem with the fine technical lines that surround and manipulate their form. This results in illustrative visuals that provide a sense of tangibility to the real-time, continuous flow of data that fuels Cytora’s deep-tech processes.

The wordmark designed by Pentagram represents the synergy of human and machine intelligence at Cytora, uniquely drawn to combine generously large grotesque proportion with technical, angled detailing.

The brand system utilises a familiar modern grotesque font at headline level, coupled with open white-space, cultivating a welcoming aesthetic. This is balanced by the sense of expertise evoked by the application of the duo-spaced secondary font iA Writer and a modular-like typographic structure and hierarchy.

Pentagram also designed and developed Cytora’s website, implementing the brand system to create a welcoming platform that is capable of attracting and engaging C-Suite insurance customers.

Brand Identity
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