Dethroning London's Cars for Do The Green Thing


A new Issue for environmental public service - Do The Green Thing - that uses an editorial argument, illustrations and confessions to end the reign of cars over London.

Pentagram has produced a new Issue for Do The Green Thing to coincide with London's Mayoral election that sets its sights on an innate part of city life: transportation.

Leading with a provocative comparison between London’s cars and America’s guns, the Issue features an editorial piece that highlights the dangers of a car-first society and questions the business interests and lobby groups that prolong it. The piece ends with a call to London’s new mayor to prioritise reducing congestion by introducing robust car control policies.

The text is accompanied by a beautiful and highly detailed illustration by Guillaume Cornet that shows the transformation London could make from a car-first to a people-first city. Worrying car-based statistics have been visualised on number plates and run alongside the piece, as well as a set of car advertisement hacks that replace aspirational headlines with more truthful punchlines.

The final part of the Issue is ‘Car Confessionals’, a series of illustrations by Alice Bowsher that highlight some of the ridiculous reasons why Londoners go by car. Created with comedy and charm, they aim to remind, cajole and shame us all into choosing to walk, cycle or use public transport instead.

Do The Green Thing
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Dethroning London's Cars for Do The Green Thing
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