Brand Identity

Brand identity for the pediatric behavioral health company that seeks to transform the lives of children and families through individualized, technology-enabled care.

In the United States, 1 in every 5 children is affected by pediatric behavioral health conditions. Globally, that percentage is even higher. Elemy is a pediatric behavioral health company that seeks to transform the lives of these children and families through individualized, technology-enabled care.

Pentagram has helped Elemy define the essence of their philosophy—the dynamic combination of empathy and innovation. Beginning with an empathic understanding of the many ways that conditions like autism deeply affect the lives of kids and their families, Elemy harnesses the power of technology to provide better clinical outcomes, both enhancing and humanizing the experience of pediatric behavioral care.

This blending of empathy and innovation inspired a new brand mark for Elemy—two overlapping organic shapes. These shapes also represent the special bond that forms between child and caretaker. This endearingly imperfect icon (dubbed “The Hug”) evokes real life, real people, real struggles, and real triumphs. The naturalistic shapes are contrasted by the clean geometry of the letterforms in Elemy’s wordmark, which conveys their technology and data-driven approach.

“The Hug” is joined by the “Journey Line,” another playful, organic graphic device that depicts the messiness and joyfulness of each child’s path, and the strong connections that form among everyone involved in the process of child care. In every Journey Line, there is a point where two ends overlap to form a dot, which represents the child’s progress on the journey. The dots change color to reflect the transformation that occurs along the way when a family connects with Elemy. A suite of custom illustrations expands the Journey Line and Hug into an entire visual language that captures the whole range of interactions between Elemy and families.

To sum up this life-changing partnership, Pentagram created the brand tagline: “Together, we'll get there.” This is a promise of companionship and guidance for a journey with many milestones—a journey where everyone’s “there” is different.

Brand Identity
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