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Identity and website for Fernando Romero Enterprise, the award-winning architecture firm based in Mexico City and New York.

FR-EE / Fernando Romero Enterprise is the global firm of the award-winning architect Fernando Romero, operating out of offices in Mexico City and New York. The studio is recognized for its pioneering design of projects such as the iconic Museo Soumaya in Mexico City, the forthcoming Museo Mazatlán in Sinaloa, Mexico, and the new Mexico City International Airport. Pentagram has designed a new identity and website for FR-EE that capture its innovative approach to architecture and design.

FR-EE’s work is optimistic, imaginative and democratic, and these qualities helped guide the creation of the new identity and website. The identity is designed to illuminate both the firm’s adaptability in translating historic, social, economic and environmental contexts and the underlying formality within their work. To achieve this, the designers set the logotype in lowercase Circular, which has fluid curvatures within geometry-based letterforms.

Unlike the typical colorlessness of most architecture firm identities, color is an expressive element of the FR-EE branding. The bold palette—a distinctive shade of fluorescent green, along with blue, purple and pink—suggest the vibrant culture of Mexico, where the firm is headquartered. The green also references the company's commitment to green design and environmental sustainability.

The responsive website showcases FR-EE’s wide-ranging body of work while capturing the firm’s energetic spirit. The entire portfolio is presented on the homepage as a universe of projects. These are imagined as illuminated objects with miniature, colored 3-D models, freely floating against a black void. Once users begin exploring the navigation, the work can be filtered and reorganized by factors such as project type, location and scale, especially useful for targeting potential clients. Each individual project page is a long scroll: high-resolution images, 360-degree rotating models, and videos allow users to experience each architectural work dynamically and holistically.

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