Index Ventures: Welcome To The Family

Film & Motion Graphics

The story of the venture firm's first 20 years told in a high-velocity tech nostalgiafest.

Since 1996, Index Ventures has built a unique reputation as a venture capitalist, specialising in technology startups in both Europe and the US and offering an unusually supportive culture that genuinely nurtures the founders leading the investments.

Following the development of a visual identity for the firm, Pentagram has created a film to celebrate Index’s 20th birthday that reflects its unique reputation and culture.

The film is inspired by the way that Index communicates with its new investments, sending each new founder a message that welcomes them to the Index family. In 103 breathless seconds, the film recreates 33 of these greetings, sent through two decades of texts, emails, social media and messaging platforms to 33 sets of founders around the world.

Pentagram sourced the platform interfaces from technology research, hen recreated simplified illustrations of the interfaces, carefully selecting the precise icons and styling details that would create the quickest recognition and most potent hit of nostalgia.

Then working with Steven Qua, the director and co-creator of the new Channel 4 on-screen identity, Pentagram produced the film and filled it with spot animations, every kind of transition and playful easter eggs for hard core tech fans, all set to a fast and furious piece of electronica that mashes together 50 different interface sound effects.

The result is a high-velocity tech-trip down memory lane that thanks the founders Index has worked with along the way.

Naresh Ramchandani
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