Just Type Playing Cards

Packaging, Industrial/Product Design

Luxury playing cards designed in collaboration with Art of Play, an online retailer of puzzles, games, and magic.

Pentagram partner Paula Scher has joined together with Art of Play, the online shop known for its eccentric catalog of collectible playing cards, puzzles, and home amusements, to produce a series of luxury playing cards. Split into two decks, the thoughtfully named “Just Type” playing cards are a deconstruction of the classic French idea of traditional “poker cards.” The auxiliary elements are pared down; all that’s left is Just Type.

Edition 1 takes an abstract, geometric approach. Large, angular shapes fill the entirety of the cards. While each composition could stand on its own as a piece of art, taken together, this collection of 56 images represents a totally unique attitudes towards a familiar form factor. 

Edition 2 adopts a more minimalist philosophy without sacrificing any of the personality. Every card features a single numeral or character with the suit baked into the design. The typography takes inspiration from old-fashioned woodblock printing with its broad strokes and narrow sidebearing. The card backs of both decks feature a collage of all the number and letter artwork joined together in a bold, bright combination.

Both decks are available for purchase now at Art of Play.

New York
Paula Scher
Project team
Kirstin Huber
Jeff Close
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