Manuvo ‘Changemakers’

Brand Identity

Branding for a documentary series to promote social change.

Manuvo transforms cultural resources into applications and digital media, making them accessible for people from marginalised communities. 

With a brand identity designed by Pentagram in 2022, Manuvo is an inspirational tech company that drives social progress and cultural inspiration. It works with marginalised communities sharing cultural knowledge to empower social change and tackle climate emergency.

Manuvo is now launching a new documentary series on YouTube called ‘Changemakers’, featuring a series of compelling interviews with people telling their stories, how they used their skills to empower deprived communities. 

The ‘Changemakers’ visual identity is built from the original Manuvo brand designed by Pentagram. The logo represents the pulling together of many contributions, disciplines and skills to create change. Like the Manuvo logo, it grows, moves and adapts. Similarly, the ‘Changemakers’ colours are bright and confident, using a one-colour approach per episode to enhance the personality of each individual changemaker.

Pentagram continued to work with Manuvo to design its new website, celebrating the launch of the docuseries plus educational products and a wide range of portfolio pieces. 

The ‘Changemakers’ docuseries is a new and exciting feature that will help Manuvo reach new audiences and further establish and share its valuable resources, using culture as the catalyst to inspire and create social progress.

Brand Identity
Marina Willer
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Marina Willer
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