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Identity and architecture for a new concept store in the Marylebone area of London.

Pentagram was approached by Maria Lemos, founder of Rainbowwave Showroom, to develop the in-store experience for her new concept store, Mouki. Located on Chiltern street in the Marylebone area of London, the boutique houses hand-picked fashion, accessories, beauty and lifestyle goods from around the world.

The interior of the store was of great importance to Lemos - she wanted a space that was quiet and minimal to reflect the nature of the collections.

The store is split between two floors, connected by a raw black steel spiral staircase, a dominant feature in the space. The lower ground floor is a series of interconnected spaces, where each room has its own individual character and aesthetic, reinforcing the uniqueness of the pieces in the collection.

Conceptually, all finishes were designed to feel like they had always been there, as though they were renovated rather than new, embodying Mouki's ‘rough luxury’ ethos. Display fixtures such as steel clothes rails and Georgian wired glass shelving designed by Pentagram, feature alongside reclaimed parquet flooring, carefully refurbished original fireplaces and vintage furniture sourced by Maria.

With the store design underway, Lemos needed a logo. Pentagram was tasked with creating a visual identity for the store and packaging. Mouki, named after Lemos’s daughter, needed to have a personal touch, so a handwritten logo is used rather than a font.

The design of the packaging was an extension of the store design. Taking inspiration from the floor tiles used in the shop, a series of patterns have been created to use on boxes. Porcelain medallions adorn the packaging, monogrammed with Mouki’s ‘M’.

Angus Hyland
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