New York Architecture Book Fair

Brand Identity

Brand identity for the first edition of the event presented by the Storefront for Art and Architecture.

The New York Architecture Book Fair is a new initiative by the Storefront for Art and Architecture that brings together authors, designers, publishers, critics and readers to consider what are the most important, insightful and relevant publications in architecture and design today. The Fair presents a series of discussions and programs exploring the topic, as well as an installation at Storefront and pop-up architecture book collections in local bookstores and cultural organizations throughout the city.

Pentagram designed the brand identity for the first edition of the Fair, held in June 2018. The branding centers on typography and rectangles that suggest the spines of books, or in architecture-speak, side elevations. The shapes can be stacked and layered in endlessly different arrangements, including piles that form the letter “A” for “architecture.” The team created a wide variety of materials for the event, including motion graphics and data visualizations.

The branding complemented the identity Pentagram previously created for “LIT,” Storefront’s Spring 2018 Benefit, which also focused on books and served as the launch of the Fair.

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