‘Odd Apples’

Book Design

Design of a book from photographer William Mullan showcasing stylized portraits of unique apple varieties.

Odd Apples is a photographic journey that shatters and reframes the collective idea of an apple, showcasing the wide bio-diversity of expression alive in the world. This collection of rare and curious apples, designed by Andrea Trabucco-Campos, is matched by a typographic interpretation with abstracted letterforms and bold colors that harmonize and capture the contents of the book.

The book's title is rendered in custom lettering that uses Rauschen Max (a revival of Max Bill's iconic letterforms) as a starting point. Letterforms have been tweaked to extend the metaphor across the two words (Odd Apples), and rendered in a wide gamut of colors derived from the photographic palette. 

The interior of book is typeset in HB Set and Rauschen B, two typefaces that are slightly softened, reminiscent of type printed in food products that may soften due to weather or lower quality printing. This softness combines with the photography to create a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Odd Apples was published Fall 2021 by renowned art book publisher, Hatje Cantz

Hatje Cantz
Arts & Culture
Book Design
New York
Andrea Trabucco-Campos
William Mullan, photography
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