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Product design for 25th Anniversary edition of RITZENHOFF glasses.

RITZENHOFF is a family-owned glass making company that first entered the cultural landscape in 1992 with a series of distinct and irreverent milk glasses. Created by internationally renowned designers, the glasses used the opaque whiteness of milk as a canvas to express visual ideas.

25 years on, RITZENHOFF is re-launching its milk glass series and extending it to include beer, gin and champagne. The company has invited 29 creatives from 11 countries, including Pentagram Berlin, to design the four distinctly shaped glasses.

Pentagram has designed graphics for two of the new RITZENHOFF glasses, one for beer and the other for milk. Both glasses feature typographic treatments which playfully nod to their contents. For the beer glass, the words ‘Beer Pressure’ have been set in Phosphate Inline, wrapping around the entirety of the object. For the milk glass, the portmanteau ‘Kuhlinarisch’ (a combination of Kuh the German word for cow and Kulinarisch the German word for culinary) has been printed in bold black condensed sans serif letters.

Find out more information about RITZENHOFF’s ‘The Next 25 Years’ campaign here.

Justus Oehler
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