Sound Design

Sound design for an animation showcasing the flooring manufacturer’s sustainable approach.

Tarkett is a world leader in innovative flooring and wall coverings. As a business, it’s committed to a sustainable, circular economy that closes the loop on waste and reduces the impact of climate change.

As part of FranklinTill’s wider role in developing Tarkett’s sustainability strategy and communication, motion specialists Found Studio asked Pentagram to create a piece of sound design to complement its 3D animation, designed to showcase Tarkett’s sustainable production process.

Launched at Clerkenwell Design Week, the film takes the viewer through the production processes behind a Desso Retrace Carpet tile. Employing a circular motif throughout, the film’s focus gradually shifts from raw materials to the final product. 

Taking inspiration from ASMR and Foley performances (reproduction of everyday sounds named after sound effect artist Jack Foley), the sound design was centred around tactility, with the aim of making each sound felt as much as it is heard. 

To achieve this, samples of Tarkett’s carpets were manipulated and played in various ways to create different sounds, with the microphone positioned as close as possible to pick up even the most minute of details. The choice of recording environment also played a part in creating the intimate and warm feeling the team set out to achieve.

Once the bed of tactile sound was in place, an element was needed to pull it all together. A short ambient piece was designed to emphasise the warm analogue synth pads and mallets. To push the feeling of warmth even further, these sounds were then re-recorded through a carpet-wrapped bass amplifier, giving the sound its signature intimate and understated tonality.

Yuri Suzuki
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