The Perspective Series

Brand Identity

Brand identity for the first of Berry Bros. & Rudd’s new series of small-batch Scotch whisky.

Pentagram has designed the identity for the first of Berry Bros. & Rudd’s Perspective Series of small-batch Scotch whisky. 

Berry Bros. & Rudd wanted to create a unique, distinct and collectable range that would connect with new customers. Each of the limited-edition whiskies in the collection is carefully crafted by Berry Bros. & Rudd’s whisky expert Doug McIvor to give the perfect balance of complexity, maturity and texture. The brand identity needed to reflect the authenticity of the product, emphasising its sense of place and the distinct character of each individual whisky.

The series is named Perspective, based on the idea that a truly exceptional whisky can take you beyond the glass and transport you to somewhere quite magical. To capture this feeling, award-winning Scottish photographer Lindsay Robertson was commissioned to document some of the myriad moments on the whisky’s journey from grain to glass, painting a picture of its origins in the wild terrains of Scotland. 

The only British artist to have exhibited alongside Ansel Adams, Lindsay Robertson creates expansive (and mainly monochrome) images of deserted UK landscapes. Robertson shot a landscape for each label that embodies the qualities of each different whisky. The result is a series of very personal, visual snapshots of the dramatic Scottish landscape viewed through his lens that perfectly matches the 21, 25, 35 and 40-year-old blends. 

The Pentagram team developed a design that would both complement these images and appeal to Berry Bros. & Rudd’s discerning and design-conscious customers. Lineto's Akkurat Mono Regular was used for headlines, with Gravur Condensed Light for body copy on all of the Perspective Series labels and tubes. Akkurat Pro Regular was also used for the accompanying postcards.

The label goes from very pale grey to very dark grey, going darker as the age of the whisky increases. As well as information on the batch date and bottle number the label features the gold-foiled signatures of Doug McIvor and Lindsay Robertson. It also features the latitude and longitude of each location alongside each image, as well as a wonderfully evocative piece of text by Lindsay describing the exact moment when the image was captured. 

The Perspective Series sees the coming together of Berry Bros. & Rudd’s exquisite small-batch Scotch whisky and Lindsay Robertson’s mastery of capturing the drama of the Scottish landscape. These are brought together by Pentagram’s elegant design, which perfectly showcases Lindsay’s work while upholding Berry Bros. & Rudd’s reputation for exceptional quality and expertise.

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