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Brand identity for the platform that provides readers with the essential information they need each day.

theSkimm provides its readers with the information and tools they need to make informed and empowered decisions. The platform is known for its email newsletter, the Daily Skimm, which skims the news to offer abridged stories and features filtered through a smart, no-nonsense sensibility. Pentagram has created a new brand identity for theSkimm that clarifies and enhances the platform’s presence as it expands into new products and sub-brands. theSkimm works to clear the noise in its readers’ lives, giving them the essentials. It wanted to evolve its brand identity to do the same.

The Pentagram team worked closely with theSkimm CEOs and Co-Founders Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin on the redesign representing the first significant update to theSkimm’s identity since it launched in 2012. Originally started from the founders’ couch, the Daily Skimm newsletter now reaches over 7 million members. The platform has expanded to include products like theSkimm app and the “Skimm This” and “Skimm’d from the Couch” podcasts. The new identity is timed to introduce theSkimm’s Teal Memb’rship, which debuted this summer with a suite of Skimm Money products.

theSkimm takes skimming so seriously it skimmed its logo. The new identity introduces a new symbol, a custom apostrophe—a punctuation mark that indicates a contraction—along with a unique ligature that adds a kind of graphic skimming through its use of the double “mm.” The typographic gesture is witty and concise, perfectly embodying theSkimm’s persona. Embracing a punctuation mark as a brand mark also signals theSkimm’s strong connection to the written word and original mission of making complex ideas clear and accessible.

The custom apostrophe functions as both a brand mark and a syntactical device. The punctuation mark played an original role within the brand, where it has been used as a playful abbreviation in words like “Skimm’rs,” and “Skimm’bassadors.” and “Skimm’ologist.” This update has transformed the mark to function as a linking device, connecting theSkimm to its various content verticals—Skimm’World, Skimm’Money, Skimm’Well, Skimm’Picks, and more. The logotype is set in Domaine, a sharp, elegant serif with a contemporary aesthetic.

The designers developed a brand strategy and brand architecture that establishes a stylish and cohesive look and feel across different content verticals and products. In addition to a new logo, the program introduces brand guidelines that balance the platform’s excellent editorial content with a bold visual presence. 

The system builds on existing elements for a more pointed presentation. The identity retains theSkimm’s signature teal, but implements a considered palette, which expands the color system for a more vibrant and ownable presence. Visuals play a more significant role, and new guidelines for the art direction of images integrate graphics and photography with bright pop polish.

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