Berry Bros. & Rudd: Wholesale Wine Range


A range of typographic wine labels for Britain's oldest wine merchant.

Pentagram has named, designed, and created the image for over 16 wine labels from around the world for Berry Bros. & Rudd's wholesale wine range. The range is the latest output of Pentagram's relationship with the wine sellers, which has encompassed its core brand identity, advertising campaigns and label designs for own-brand wines, fortified wines and spirits.

The wholesale range is largely typographic, inspired by dreams, poetry, chance happenings and random discoveries.

‘Leap in the Dark’, ‘One More River to Cross’ and 'El Futuro No Esta Escrito’ are typographic conundrums by Pentagram, with the last being made from an old alphabetical educational kit found in an antique store in the back streets of Zürich.

‘No Stone Unturned’ and ‘Stone the Crows’ were the only pre-existing names in the range and were turned into simple typographic games. Henry Ponder, a minor British poet whose work Pentagram has championed, has written a cyclic poem for the wine ‘Eternal Return'.

The only illustrative labels are for three French wines - ‘Le Chapeau Qui Rit’ red, white and rosé - which have been created using the old surrealist game of exquisite corpses.

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