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A new jewelry brand by internationally renowned designer Chus Burés appeals to younger audiences with a highly visual identity.

CHUS X CHUS is a new line from the internationally renowned jewelry designer Chus Burés. Aimed at a younger audience than his main collection, the line features collaborations with the worlds of contemporary art, fashion, cinema and music. Pentagram created a brand identity for CHUS X CHUS inspired by the distinctive design of the jewelry and the collaborative spirit of the line. 

Based in Spain, Burés is recognized for his avant-garde designs and collaborations with artists and designers such as Louise Bourgeois, Pedro Almodóvar, Carmen Herrera and agnès b. The new brand targets millennials with back-to-basic, everyday pieces and partnerships with rising young artists. The brand’s launch campaign features the singer-songwriter Sophie Auster, photographed by Andres Serrano.

The CHUS X CHUS brand identity evokes the visual qualities and graphic forms of Burés’s jewelry with custom typography constructed of modular shapes. The Pentagram designers developed a full alphabet and custom typeface, called CXC, built of individual link-like shapes that almost touch, giving the letterforms a glittering, dimensional effect. The wordmark echoes the linking or beaded structure of the metalwork, while the monogram merges the “C,” “X” and “C” into an interlocking clasp-like form.

The highly visual approach also carries through to the website, which shows off the jewelry with a surrealist sense of surprise, drama and mystery. The homepage sets the collection in motion in oversized color images that rain down against a black background, and the online catalog showcases the pieces on artfully cropped hands and heads, in striking black-and-white photography by Monica Stevenson

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