Endemol Shine Group

Brand Identity, Film & Motion Graphics, Digital Design

Overarching brand identity for Europe’s largest independent production company.

Endemol Shine Group is Europe’s largest independent production company. The result of a merger between Endemol, Shine Group and CORE Media, the company produced a total of 800 productions, in 78 territories airing on 275 channels around the world in 2017. ​ 

Endemol Shine Group’s content is vast and varied. It's television output ranges from MasterChef and Big Brother to Black Mirror and Peaky Blinders, and its digital products range from Coke TV to the eSports format Legends of Gaming. 

Pentagram were tasked with creating an overarching brand identity that could connect all these activities in a simple and clear way, allowing the Group's content to take centre stage. 

The epitome of this simple approach is an uncomplicated logotype which has been specifically drawn to allow the content to remain the hero. The logotype is inspired by a hand painted Bauhaus Akzidenz Grotesk poster and is neutral, modernist and entirely unique to the Endemol Shine Group. 

The character set and typographic direction has been extended across all of Endemol Shine Group’s territory brands, remaining considered and consistent in all applications. This restrained approach allows the Group’s vast range of content to sit within a calm framework. No matter how the subject matter changes, the visual system maintains control, giving the brand elegance, confidence and gravitas.

Pentagram also created the visual identity for Endemol Shine Beyond, introducing vibrant colourways and dynamic imagery styles that were designed to appeal to the digital platform's youthful audience. 

Harry Pearce
Project team
Johannes Grimmond
Alex Brown
Tiffany Fenner
Daren Howells (production)
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