Galvan Center for the Common Good

Brand Identity, Digital Design

Identity and website for a non-profit that revitalizes historic neighborhoods with spaces that serve the community.

Galvan Center for the Common Good advances the common good by supporting strong advocates, vibrant communities, and cultural expressions that foster civic responsibility and action.

As Galvan expands into new cities and areas like artistic and cultural expression, the challenge is to explain what it does and how it works. Pentagram has created a new identity and website that positions Galvan as an advocate for its communities and a force for the common good. 

The website features an editorial redesign that highlights stories about Galvan, its projects and how they are helping the people they serve. The powerful logo is treated like a masthead on the site and other communications and is set in the strong typeface Sharp Grotesk Bold. The foundation’s messaging has also been rewritten as a call to action for democracy, fundamental rights, and civic participation.

“Our goal was to capture the urgency of our mission,” says Galvan Vice President Dan Kent, who worked with Pentagram on the relaunch. “The brand identity and website conveys our values, why we do our work, and how we do our work.”

New York
Paula Scher
Project team
Kirstin Huber
Yansong Yang
Roxanne Fequiere, writer
Frank LaRocca, web developer
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