How to Watch a Movie for Do The Green Thing

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Strategy, identity, content and website design for Do The Green Thing, an environmental public service that uses editorial arguments and creative provocations to tackle climate change.

Pentagram has relaunched environmental public service Do The Green Thing. Founded in 2008, Do The Green Thing has spent eight years working with a global community of creatives to make films, posters, Walkcasts and Everyday Things that have inspired 40 million people to live more sustainably.

But with a solution to climate change getting no closer, and the consequences of that looming ever larger, Do The Green Thing needed to do more. Relaunching with a new site, identity and angle of attack, the charity is taking on modern life and all the assumptions and behaviours that lead us to make unsustainable choices so regularly. This will be done through ‘Issues’ that challenge the unsustainable status quo through long-form arguments and creative provocations.

The website implements Pentagram’s identity for Do The Green Thing. It uses clean and legible design - inspired by Medium and other successful long-form content sites - peppered with playful guerrilla interventions.

Do The Green Thing’s relaunch marks the publication of its first Issue, ‘How screenwriters are ruining the planet’, an editorial piece explaining why incidental environmental actions are so important in films. Script and screen hacks run alongside the text, adding mischievous green touches to new and old film favourites.

The piece accompanied by ‘How to watch a movie’, a short film to go before a main feature. Inspired by graphics recycled from a vast array of historical film ‘leaders’, it reminds people to turn off their phones and look out for the green actions in movies that are sometimes present and often lacking. The film reimagines popular plots with added incidental green actions. For example, when a film's characters are heading to that courtroom showdown, do any of them go by bike? Do those awkward high schoolers share their first kiss behind the recycling bins?

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Naresh Ramchandani
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How to Watch a Movie for Do The Green Thing
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