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Brand Identity, Film & Motion Graphics

A new identity and teaser for a major exhibition on film in the Weimar Republic at Berlin's Müseum für Film und Fernsehen.

Pentagram has designed the identity for a major new exhibition at The Müseum für Film und Fernsehen (MFF) in Berlin. 

Since creating the MFF’s logo and brand identity in 2006, Pentagram has been responsible for the design of all the museum’s subsequent exhibitions and campaigns. Entitled Modern Cinema — Film in the Weimar Republic, the much-anticipated show explores this fascinating period in German history, looking at innovations in film making, the emergence of film criticism and theory, and the way that cinema reflects everyday culture. Addressing topics such as fashion, sports, gender and psychoanalysis, the films made during this period have had both a significant and lasting influence on international cinema.

The exhibition’s identity reflects this rich and forward-looking period in the country’s history. Pentagram worked with black and white stills and film footage, and for this special exhibition, the Museum’s corporate typeface DIN was customised by applying the same angles used in the Museum’s logo. This gives an Art-Deco feel to the identity, which fits perfectly with the predominant style of the era. The letterforms were filled with a bright colour gradient, for maximum impact across the range of posters, billboards, book covers, invites, and postcards designed for the exhibition.

In addition to these, a twenty-second teaser created by Pentagram using black and white footage from the Museum’s archive introduces the exhibition. The growing post-war economy had led to a period of stability in Germany, and the images suggest a period of fun and freedom – this became known as the ‘Goldene Zwanziger’ or ‘Golden Twenties’. Creating a poignant snapshot of life at the time, we glimpse bustling street scenes and chic shop window displays, futuristic-looking monorails and airships, sports cars and flapper dresses, and glamorous women having fun at the beach. 

Running until 13th October 2019, the exhibition also examines the role of women behind the camera, highlighting 21 key women who worked behind the scenes within the film industry as producers, directors, screenwriters and set designers.

Justus Oehler
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