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Brand strategy, name, tone of voice and visual identity that positions Numan as a men's health provider that is unafraid to talk about sensitive issues.

Pentagram has worked closely with start-up Numan to develop a name, brand strategy, visual identity and tone of voice that positions the men’s health provider as a lifestyle company unafraid to talk about sensitive issues.

Numan is a one-stop-shop that provides affordable solutions for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and skincare that are designed to enable young men to address and treat concerns and improve their overall wellbeing.

Men’s health is a rapidly developing market, which presented Numan and Pentagram with a new and highly-unique set of opportunities and challenges. Numan positions these solutions as part of an everyday routine; in a reassuring and accessible way. Therefore, the brand identity also had to diminish the awkwardness associated with the product, lifting the taboo.

Due to the sensitive nature of Numan’s products, Pentagram has created an identity that simplifies this message, is discrete where it needs to be, and demystifies men’s health by deploying humour. The aim is to create a message that is both educational and reassuring, which, while being light-hearted at times, never comes across as crass.

Numan uses a simple logotype to bring forth the idea of ‘man’, creating a fluid connection between the ‘nu’ letterforms. Pentagram has also designed a symbol inspired by 3,000-year-old Cycladic sculpture – one of the first representations of man.

Pentagram's art direction for the photography also played a large part in shaping Numan’s brand, ensuring that the images focus on all shapes, sizes and colour. Portraying positivity through portraiture and abstract shots of the human form, these images come to life on the website, where the user feels unafraid and confident to explore these issues. 

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