‘Our Big Fat Ungreen Weddings’ for Do The Green Thing

Film & Motion Graphics, Book Design, Campaigns

Using an editorial argument, thoughtful illustrations and a children's book for adults to take aim at our unsustainable (and unromantic) Wedding Industrial Complex.

Pentagram has produced a new Issue for Do The Green Thing which spotlights the environmental harm caused by modern "fairytale" weddings.

Released a month before the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Issue provocatively links the problem back to Princess Diana and her 1981 wedding to Prince Charles. 

The editorial is accompanied by an animated reading of ‘Too Much Wedding’, a children’s book for grown ups, written by Do The Green Thing as an antidote to the princess wedding fantasies peddled by pop culture and stoked by an insatiable wedding industry.

Voiced by actress Fay Ripley and illustrated by Gwendal Le Bec, ‘Too Much Wedding’ is the story of a young couple whose plan for a ‘small wedding’ is hijacked by familial expectation and modern excess. As their wedding grows more ridiculous in scale and environmental footprint, their relationship deteriorates. Will they make it down the aisle? Or will the flame of their romance be suffocated by all the stuff?

Naresh Ramchandani
Project team
Ashley Johnson
Lizzie Reid
Zuleika Sedgley
Chloe Ting
Mat Hill
Fadi Dada
Fay Ripley, voiceover
Gwendal Le Bec, illustrator
Iain Grant, sound design
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‘Our Big Fat Ungreen Weddings’ for Do The Green Thing
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