Pink Floyd Records

Brand Identity, Packaging

Record label identity and 27-disk boxset that pay homage to the early years of one of the world's most celebrated bands.

Pentagram has created a logotype for Pink Floyd Records, a new record label that is releasing already beloved and previously unheard music by one of the world’s most iconic bands. Pink Floyd’s impact on music is immeasurable, and is only seconded by their impact of visual culture. Famed by their relationship with the design collective Hipgnosis, their LP covers are part of the cultural consciousness, creating moments of shared experience for millions of people around the world.

Pentagram worked closely with Aubrey Powell of Hipgnosis to create the visual identity for the label. Taking inspiration from the original lettering on 1977’s ‘Animals’ record cover, Pentagram built a complete alphabet based on the album's stencilled lettering in both outline and solid form. This lettering has been used to make a unique mark and headline font for the band and business.

Alongside the identity, Pentagram has designed ‘The Early Years 1965-1972’. This comprehensive 27-disc boxed set pulls together material from the Pink Floyd archive, as well as licensed Radio and TV recordings, to comprise a deluxe package that includes seven individual book-style volumes. The box set features previously unreleased material, including the first CD to feature the band's first recording from 1965.

Each of the seven CD booklet covers carries an original artwork by John Whiteley, in distinct psychedelic oil on paper style. The box sets follow a simple one-column grid and use typewriter-esque typography to create an archival aesthetic, which is built upon through the careful arrangement of historical photographs of the band.

Pentagram's Harry Pearce has also written for the ‘Outro' of the book 'Vinyl. Album. Cover. Art: The Complete Hipgnosis Catalogue’, published by Thames & Hudson in April 2017

Harry Pearce
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