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Branding for a nonpartisan coalition working to increase the number of women elected to public office in the U.S.

ReflectUS is a nonpartisan coalition of eight leading women’s political organizations working together to increase the number of women elected to office. Pentagram has designed branding for the partnership that will help raise its profile, extend its reach and make an impact as a record number of women are poised to run in the 2018 elections.

Women represent 51 percent of the U.S. population, but at present make up only 19 percent of Congress, 25 percent of state legislature officials and 20 percent of locally elected positions. ReflectUS brings together Empowered Women, Higher Heights, IGNITE, LatinasRepresent, RepresentWomen, She Should Run, VoteRunLead and Women Influencers Network as they work to achieve gender parity. The initiative allows the organizations to combine their unique resources and know-how to help more women to run, win and serve, and to create a pipeline of qualified, experienced female public officials.

“We wanted a design that was simple and clear, yet striking and bold. The design hits all the right notes and offers a freshness that amplifies our vision,” says ReflectUS.

The branding is powerful and engaging, and establishes a cohesive identity for the coalition. The logotype is set in Centra No. 2, customized with cuts that make it dynamic, and is accompanied by a strong graphic treatment that layers words over images. The program includes the design of the ReflectUS website, which invites visitors to get involved and acts as a gateway to the constituent organizations. 

“Pentagram took our bold idea and beautifully integrated our vision to convey the urgency of the moment,” says ReflectUS.

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