Brand Identity, Digital Design

Brand identity for the first computer vision unicorn for the insurance industry to help people repair, protect and transact on their homes and cars.

Embedded within the Tractable symbol is the fundamental relationship between the assessed object and the technology that surrounds, analyses and supports it.

Extending from the symbol and the visual components of circle and technological surround, the key relationship between object and insight was realised by Pentagram as the Damage Signature.

In order to facilitate Tractable’s brand team to use the Damage Signature visual, Pentagram created a bespoke tool that can output 3D rendered visuals for use within brand communications.

The team created a streamlined colour palette centered around a vibrant electric blue. To achieve parity between the digitally native colour and printed materials Pentagram also commissioned a bespoke Pantone ink mix titled Tractable Blue.

The Damage Signature and its representations of damage, segmentation and data input build a continuity across all of Tractable’s touchpoints and provide it with a clear means to talk to clients about the functionality and benefits of its product.

An illustration style as well as an initial set of illustrated visuals were developed that subtly point towards the object and boundary relationship found in the symbol and Damage Signature.

A suite of scalable icons were also designed that feature an offset break motif similar to the stylistic quality of the symbol.

Working in collaboration with the team at Tractable, a comprehensive set of brand guidelines were created that deliver a graphic system to build brand recognition, and help structure information and present complex narratives clearly.