Ungifted for Do The Green Thing (2017)


Using thoughtful copywriting, animation and UX design to create a green system of giving, capable of delivering immaterial gifts.

The Pentagram-based environmental public service Do Green Thing has returned with Ungifted, a free-to-use global alternative to the billions of unwanted presents that we send each other every Christmas.

Ungifted separates Christmas from presents, encouraging people to treat their loved ones to shared experiences through time spent together, instead of thoughtless and environmentally-harmful tat. 

It is estimated that the population of Britain receives almost £3 billion worth of unwanted Christmas gifts every year. Each item returned is shipped at least three times – and as many as five times – to get through a chain of retailers, wholesalers and resellers. This ever-increasing problem is taking its toll on the environment, as well as people’s wallets. 

This year, Black Friday saw retailers slash their prices in anticipation of the biggest ever weekend of spending. With Ungifted, Do The Green Thing are urging consumers to put their money to better use and take a stand against mindless consumption and waste – calling for the 1st December 2017 to be #GreenFriday, a national day of mass Ungifting.

The web-based Ungifted application guides users through a series of thoughtful animations that depict environmentally-friendly, experience-based gifts. These are followed by a set of questions that encourage people to come up with Ungifted alternatives to the usual landfill-destined stocking fillers.

To help those that need a little inspiration, Do The Green Thing has included a suggested list of over two dozen Ungifted experiences, including an afternoon dedicated to finding the best coffee, an evening of making mock music videos and a fort-making expedition.

The result is an instantly delivered Ungifted branded e-card containing the sender’s name, details of their chosen Ungifted as well as a call to action that encourages the recipient to send their own Ungift. 

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Naresh Ramchandani
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