‘Eating With The Eyes’

Exhibition Design

An exhibition of photographs by Pentagram Partner Harry Pearce that explores accidental, chance and overlooked moments in city streets around the world.

Presented by Futurecity, Eating With The Eyes is the first comprehensive exhibition of Pentagram partner Harry Pearce’s photographs. The exhibition is open from 1 December 2016 to 22 January 2017 at The Gallery at Foyles, located on the fifth store of London’s most celebrated bookstore.

The exhibition of large-scale photographs explores memory, loss and the seemingly accidental moments of wonder that can be found in city streets around the world. These images of architectural quirks, human interventions and coincidences piece together a sometimes tragic, sometimes funny and always poignant continuity and rhythm to our surroundings.

“The exhibition has been hung to replicate the scale of each object and quirk as I first saw it,” says Pearce. “To see so many of the images now reappear at actual size rather than through my camera lens or in the book is quite a surprise—the original moment of their capture feels so real all over again. The process of finding and photographing these moments has brought me great joy and I hope this exhibition will help people see a little bit more wonder in the apparently ordinary around them.”

The images and ideas of the exhibition are drawn from Harry’s latest book, also called Eating With The Eyes. Released in 2015 by Unit Editions, the book is a visual meditation and a photographic recording of chance events spanning over a decade and collected from his journeys around the world.

“These are images that reveal hidden ideas and suggestions about everyday places,” says Mark Davy, Founder of Futurecity, which curates The Gallery at Foyles. “At a time when Britain is looking across global borders with mixed emotions, Harry’s images take us on a meditative global tour, pausing and reflecting on the special texture of city streets.”

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